Dear Kristin,

I was diagnosed with lower stage of multiple myeloma 3 years ago. Since nobody knows how fast this disease going to progress they let you check the blood every 4 to 6 month, to find out when to start with the chemotherapy and then with the blood transplant.

I haven’t started any treatment yet. I was told that there are 3 numbers which are basically letting you know at what stage you are. One is a growing bad protein number, next is a number which is telling you how fast is it progressing an the last is how anemic you are. All 3 numbers before I went to Spain were going worse, but after I came back my protein number even got a little smaller and the speed is slowed down a little also, only the last one got a little worse. Since I was not taking any medications I just could think of some differences in food and climate. I was taking only one more food supplement called Mumio which is also some kind of anticancer supplement. I started taking kefir because one friend of mine told me that she knows somebody who cured Leukemia with only kefir, but since I just love goat milk I started doing it myself from the fresh goat milk just because it was everywhere to buy and in Europe everybody knows that this is better then cow milk.

So, that is why I decided to keep doing what I am doing. There is now theory, it is just my guess. My next blood test is in October, we will see how it is going with the goat milk in Texas.

The milk from your farm is great! Thank you very much! I love it! Next week I will come again if you don’t mind.

See you soon,



Dear Family and Friends,

Praise the Lord! His mercies endure forever!

We had Kenneth’s 6 month follow-up visit with the GI doctor today. I usually ask Donna Dean to send out a prayer request before these visits, however I kept forgetting to ask her. I thought of it again this afternoon and decided not to call at the last minute but prayed and left it in the LORD’s hands.

All of you who see Kenneth each week at church, know that he is doing very well gaining weight and growing, with goats milk being his sole source of nutrition, as well as supplements, kefir and polycose (a carbohydrate powder). He has also been very healthy this winter, in spite of the other children getting pretty sick a few times.

The GI Dr. was very pleased with Kenneth’s weight gain and growth. She said “You really know your son”. She went over everything we are doing with Kenneth and anything new. She stated again that goats milk is not her first choice for his nutrition, but right know it is working well and she wants us to keep it up. She did have us go and do blood work, just to make sure that his Folic acid levels and a few other things are OK. And she wants us to come in every two months just for weight checks, since ECI will no longer be coming to weigh Kenneth once he turns three, next month. She also sent in the dietician to see if there was anything else she wanted us to do the next few months.

Overall, it was a very good visit, very congenial and she could not stop talking about how good Kenneth looked. Her final words were, ” Goats milk is not my first choice for him, but so far he is proving me wrong”. Actually the LORD is proving her wrong and showing Himself strong on Kenneth’s behalf again!

The dietician had actually never seen Kenneth before, and she was very surprised when she saw him. She couldn’t believe how good he looked and said that we may actually have to cut back on the amount of polycose we are giving him, in a few months, if he continues this growth pattern, because we don’t want him to get too fat! She said he is in the 77th percentile for his size and weight. She gave us nothing new to do, just keep doing what we are doing. Praise the LORD again!

Another update from last week concerns his teeth. Kenneth grinds his teeth a lot which is a result of the neurological damage. He has ground his teeth smooth, but not down to the nerve yet. The dentist said there is really nothing to do at this point, but if he continues to grind, (there is nothing to make him stop, only the LORD’s intervention) that eventually we will have to have crowns or something like that put on all of his teeth to try and protect his permanent teeth.

The update from Kenneth’s therapists are:

Occupational Therapy: His is getting stronger and sitting up better with less assistance.

We go Wed. to have Kenneth fitted for new hand splints that will help hold his thumbs out away from his hand so he can grasp things easier.

Physical Therapy: Kenneth has a lot of neurologically correct movement which shows that he has great potential for learning to roll over, crawl, sit up and eventually stand and walk.

In a year or so, Jon (the PT) wants to get Kenneth a Gait Trainer, which will assist him in learning to walk.

Speech Therapy: Kenneth is making many attempts at talking, just like other children do only at an earlier age. He is making many different vowel and consonant sounds with inflection. We are very excited to know that Kenneth will one day be talking. He really already talks, we just don’t know what he is saying. It is really getting hard to keep him quiet in church!

We also have a long way to go in getting him back to eating orally, But we are all trusting in the LORD that he will one day be eating solely by mouth.

We praise the LORD for working everything out in His timing concerning the therapists, before Kenneth turned three. And he will be graduating from ECI on March 10, 2008.

We so appreciate all of the ECI therapists that Kenneth has had the past three years and we will miss them all.

Finally, we thank you all for your prayers for Kenneth. He still has a long road ahead and so many things we need to teach and train his brain and body to do. But with the LORD’s help he will reach his full potential one day. It is a lot a work for our family each day to remember everything we need to do with Kenneth and to fit it all in. Please pray for us all, and that we can do all that we need to do to help him.

I am sorry I did not get our Christmas/New Year letter out this year, and at this point it probably won’t get done. I hope this will update you all.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers and love.

Love Renee and all the Kniffin Klan

PS: Donna please pass this on to all at church/prayer chain, etc. And you all may pass this on to those you know are praying for Kenneth.