The Farm

The Farm – Herd established in 1996

A pure milk also requires the appropriate environment, feed, and medical practices. Our land is chemical-free, without the use of fertilizers and other agents. We grow our own hay, ensuring a pure supply of year-round forage. The herd grazes on over 80 acres of woods and grass, giving them the bulk of their roughage and protein. The grain we feed the milkers (to ensure adequate protein for milk production), although purchased from an outside source, is a custom mix of whole grains (corn, barley, oats, and sunflower seeds) – devoid of soy for those allergic. If an animal requires medical intervention, it is removed from the milk line during any treatment period. All of these practices come together to ensure a pure and natural raw goat milk!

Breeds in the herd include Nubian and American Lamancha. Pay us a visit and we’ll introduce you to some of the does!

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