Raw Dairy

Raw Dairy

There are many impressions that the general public and media have about raw dairy. The prevalent teaching emerging from university-based dairy research is that in order to produce a food product that can safely be distributed to the masses, dairy products need first to be heat-killed. Unfortunately, heat-killing (pasteurization) not only eliminates all (good or bad) bacteria that may be present in the product, but also changes the makeup of the food itself. Not only does the product suffer the loss of potentially beneficial bacteria, but the structure of both protein and fat molecules is changed by the processing methods of pasteurization and subsequent homogenization.

The primary goal of the research of Utterly Divine is to shed some scientific light on the issues confronting the production and consumption of raw foods – especially raw dairy. Utterly Divine will accomplish this by carrying out both in-life and laboratory-based research studies.

Utterly Divine Raw Goat Milk

Utterly Divine Raw Milk

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